Getting Ready for Sauna Season…

Mobile Sauna Ithaca, NY

November in the Park

Mobile Sauna Ithaca, NY

Ithaca Parade!

Mobile Sauna Project Ithaca, NY

IMG_1037 IMG_1031Rob Licht, BuilderIMG_0700Scarlet & AndrewIMG_0703IMG_1044 IMG_1046

unnamed-5 unnamed-7Our family 🙂 Families who steam together, stay together.


Camping with Mobile Sauna

We just came home from a dreamy camping and sauna trip at Taughannock Falls State Park.



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Spring into the Lake!

A trip down to Salt Point, Cayuga Lake starts this year’s Adventures of a Traveling Sauna! What a beautiful spring day for a 45′ dip. Ithaca, NY.

Lake Sauna - First Adventure of a Traveling SaunaLake Sauna - First dip 2014!

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Enjoying the Last Days of Winter

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The mobile sauna was parked in our driveway for most of this winter (2014). It was a brutal winter, so we were very thankful to have the sauna a step outside our door! We’re looking forward to springtime when we can hook it to our hitch, and take it down the the lake for a dip.

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Sauna Home for Christmas

It was great bringing home the sauna for christmas at my parents’ house. They have about 10 beautiful acres where we parked it for the week! Some of our family members got to experience the sauna for the first time and loved it! After the steam we rolled in the snow!




Mobile Sauna First Night

“The Lake Sauna” Our prototype model designed & built in Ithaca, NY, 2014 by Scarlet Duba and Sauna Builder, Rob Licht.

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“The Lake Sauna” Our prototype model designed & built in Ithaca, NY, 2014.

Credit: Design, Scarlet Duba and Rob Licht, Sauna Builder, Rob Licht

Contact for more info about sauna design and building anywhere in the U.S..

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Rob Licht Custom Saunas

Mobile SaunaGreat blog post from the builder and design collaborator of our mobile sauna.

If we’ve got you dreaming of a mobile sauna of your own contact me.

Sauna Box: An Inspiration

sauna box

Remodelista/Gardenista just posted about one of my sauna inspirations. Check out this article! Gardernista: Sauna Box Article

Shou Sugi Ban: Building Sauna Part I




Before the Build!

Just towing the trailer and sauna stove before we build the mobile sauna with Rob Licht. I’m so excited. Now, learning how to drive with it….

trailer for mobile sauna

Learn about the Loyly

Link from a article in the BBC that my cousin sent me.

A Dream starting with a Trailer, Hitch and Sauna Heater!

The project is officially started with tangible parts! After much thought, I decided on a 5′ x 8′ trailer. It should fit at least 4 people or 2 lying down. Since my partner is tall, the height and length should be 7-8 ft. I also decided on a propane sauna heater vs. wood burning for multiple reasons. For one, I want to take it everywhere… being that it is a mobile sauna, it should have as little limitations as possible. Why not take it to town, a city or state park?

My main goal with this Mobile Sauna Project is to be able to park it anywhere with an incredible view or lake water access. Cold dips, after a steam, is an incredible experience, and something I’d like to share with others.

Mobile Saunas

Look what I just got in the mail! Looking for inspiration for my mobile sauna. The BC Mobile Sauna Society is where you can find this book and a newsletter about sauna’s around the world!

I woke up dreaming about building my sauna

I started this Pinterest Board awhile ago as inspiration for the project.

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sauna pinterest

The Mobile Sauna Project

Building a sauna has been a dream of mine since we were members of the Williams Lake Resort in Rosendale, New York. They had a “Polar Bear Club” and community sauna, which local residents belonged too. It was everything to me: my community; connection with nature; personal renewal; finding love; and most importantly–my good health. I loved their rugged, intense style russian bath house, with a water faucet pouring on a hot radiator. We would pull the string to make the water pour, and then the heat wave of steam (löyly) would just blast you… slowly settling into your body. Once you were hot enough, you could walk right outside to the dock for a refreshing jump in the lake. When the lake iced over, they had a small fan blowing on the water by the ladder, so we could plunge in after steaming. I remember sitting on the dock and looking at the beautiful lake as my body steamed off—it made you feel so alive!

I’ve been searching for a replacement sauna and sauna community. However, in North America, there is not “yet” a prominent sauna culture. My goal is to create a mobile sauna here in Ithaca, New York, U.S.A. I imagine driving the sauna to a beautiful piece of property, taking it to a park, a river, or parking it by the lake for a nice cool dip.

Now that the mobile sauna is completed, I will continue to share the experience through the places and people we meet. Follow this blog and read about our traveling lake sauna!

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Mobile Saunas I Like


Designed by Canadian firm – Castor Design, the Sauna Box is a traditional wood-burning sauna built into an 8 ft mini shipping container.
Read more: Self-Sufficient Shipping Container Sauna Box Will Get You Hot & Steamy | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

DW Sauna denizenworks


Contact for more info about sauna design and building anywhere in the U.S..
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