The Mobile Sauna Project

Building a sauna has been a dream of mine since we were members of the Williams Lake Resort in Rosendale, New York. They had a “Polar Bear Club” and community sauna, which local residents belonged too. It was everything to me: my community; connection with nature; personal renewal; finding love; and most importantly–my good health. I loved their rugged, intense style russian bath house, with a water faucet pouring on a hot radiator. We would pull the string to make the water pour, and then the heat wave of steam (löyly) would just blast you… slowly settling into your body. Once you were hot enough, you could walk right outside to the dock for a refreshing jump in the lake. When the lake iced over, they had a small fan blowing on the water by the ladder, so we could plunge in after steaming. I remember sitting on the dock and looking at the beautiful lake as my body steamed off—it made you feel so alive!

I’ve been searching for a replacement sauna and sauna community. However, in North America, there is not “yet” a prominent sauna culture. My goal is to create a mobile sauna here in Ithaca, New York, U.S.A. I imagine driving the sauna to a beautiful piece of property, taking it to a park, a river, or parking it by the lake for a nice cool dip.

Now that the mobile sauna is completed, I will continue to share the experience through the places and people we meet. Follow this blog and read about our traveling lake sauna!

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